Client’s Continuous Sexual Abuse of a Child (under age of 14) Case DISMISSED

On October 30, 2020 Brandon was able to give his client his life back.

His client’s residence was raided by U.S. Marshalls while he holding his infant son during the global pandemic on an arrest warrant for Continuous Sexual Abuse of a Child (under age of 14).

This particular charge in the state of Texas carries a range of punishment of 25 years to life (with no parole) with lifetime sex offender registration. It is the most serious criminal charge one can face in Texas other than capital murder.

While this case was pending his client was terminated at his place of employment and unable to see his infant son without supervision per the court’s bond conditions.

After months of investigation and speaking to various witnesses about the allegations it was determined that the alleged teenage victim had serious credibility issues.

It was discovered through social media text messages that the alleged victim confided to multiple peers that she may not have been sexually assaulted after all.

Finally, Brandon was able to obtain records from the child’s counselor, the child’s psychiatrist and Child Protective Services that revealed she made prior statements that were inconsistent with ones previously provided to law enforcement over the course of the criminal investigation.

These revelations were passed along to the prosecutor who ultimately made the decision to dismiss the charge as she did not believe she could prove the case beyond all reasonable doubt.

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