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Having a criminal record that can follow you everywhere can lead to many negative consequences. You may experience difficulties finding work, getting housing, or living a normal life. However, it is possible to get your record sealed in Texas through expunction.

No one wants to go through life having a criminal record. At The Sims Law Firm, PLLC we have over a decade of experience and are ready to assist you in expunging criminal records from your past. There is hope with our legal professionals working by your side.

Are you ready to clear your record? Call Attorney Brandon Sims today to learn more about what a Fort Bend County expunction lawyer can do for you.

Expunction in Texas

Expunction means permanently removing an arrest, charge, or conviction from an adult’s criminal record. However, only certain individuals are eligible for expunction.

You may be eligible for expunction in Fort Bend County if:

  • Charges were never filed against you
  • Charges were filed against you, but dismissed
  • Charges were filed against you, but you were acquitted
  • You were pardoned or otherwise granted relief based on your actual innocence
  • You have not been tried and the prosecutor recommends expunction

    Additionally, there are certain waiting periods for different offenses before obtaining expunction. If you were arrested or charged with a Class C misdemeanor, you must wait at least 180 days from the date of the arrest to file for expunction. For Class A or B misdemeanors, there is a one-year waiting period. For felonies, there is a three-year waiting period.

    What is an Order of Nondisclosure?

    On the other hand, if you are not eligible for expunction in Texas, you may qualify for an “order of nondisclosure.” This type of order hides certain crimes from the public, only making them visible to law enforcement agencies, licensing agencies, and specific government agencies.

    If you pled guilty or no contest to a crime and you completed deferred adjudication, you may petition for a court order of nondisclosure. If you were charged with a felony, you must wait five years after completing deferred adjudication.

    If you were charged with a serious misdemeanor, you must wait two years. However, if your misdemeanor was punishable by a only fine, there is no waiting period.

    Providing Clients in the Greater Houston Area with Caring & Effective Help

    It's tough going through life consistently having a prior arrest record coming back to haunt you. If you are eligible for an expunction, we can start generating the appropriate court filings right away. As a former felony prosecutor, our attorney understands how the other side operates and is prepared to diligently serve clients through every step of the process. We can carefully access your case and the charges against you to determine the best possible solution.

    To learn more about getting your criminal arrest record expunged, contact The Sims Law Firm, PLLC. After getting some basic information from you, we will do the legal research necessary to determine whether you are entitled to an expunction.

    Contact our Fort Bend County criminal defense lawyer to request your confidential case evaluation.

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