Defendant Facing 2-10 Years in Prison for Felony Assault - Family Violence Receives Misdemeanor Plea Deal After Jury Selection

Brandon Sims was set for trial on March 14, 2016 in the 262nd District Court in Harris County in Case No. 1480112. His client had been incarcerated for several months awaiting his trial date on a Felony Assault Causing Bodily Injury - Family Violence Case.

During jury selection, the prosecution and defense struck so many potential jurors on legal grounds there were not enough remaining jurors to empanel a jury.

The Judge instructed the prosecution and defense to return the following morning and attempt to select another jury for the case.

Shortly afterwards, the prosecution conveyed a new offer to the client that would allow him to plea to a reduced charge (misdemeanor assault causing bodily injury -family violence) and sentence him to only the time he had been in custody. The client quickly accepted the new offer conveyed by the State and he was off to Mississippi to start a new life the following day.

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