Criminal Defense Lawyer Brandon Sims Gets "Not Guilty" Verdict in Felony Assault Case

In a recent case, Attorney Brandon Sims was able to get a not guilty verdict for a client accused of felony assault. Our client was accused of strangling his girlfriend during a fight outside of a bar, and the prosecution claimed that police officers had to restrain our client and tackle him to the ground. Initially, Attorney Sims attempted to obtain a plea deal from the prosecutor, but was not satisfied with the terms they were offering.

When the case went to trial, the prosecution presented a clear and comprehensive case against our client. However, they had no physical evidence that the events occurred as alleged, and instead relied solely on the testimony of the two police officers at the scene.

Attorney Sims was able to convince the jury that there was insufficient evidence to prove that the crime occurred, and as a result our client was found not guilty. He is now enjoying his freedom thanks to the tough and committed Fort Bend County criminal defense lawyer at The Sims Law Firm, PLLC.

Client Was Very Satisfied

When our client first reached out to Sims Law Firm, he was extremely stressed and unsure how to proceed. He chose our law firm based on our stellar online reviews and the quick contact offered by Attorney Sims. He quickly felt very comfortable as he realized that our firm was working tirelessly to protect his freedom. As thrilled as he was with our counsel and professionalism, he was even more excited about the results of his case. As such, he left us a particularly complimentary testimonial.

Accused of a Crime? Call Sims Law Firm Today

This case is the latest entry in the strong record of successful results obtained by Sims Law Firm. If you’ve been accused of a crime, it’s vital to retain a lawyer who can craft an effective defense on your behalf.

Contact our Fort Bend County criminal defense attorney today for quality counsel.

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